Ontopia API documentation

Core Topic Map Packages
net.ontopia.topicmaps.core Provides interfaces for topic map objects; the topic map API for all Ontopia topic map implementations.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.core.events Provides an event interface to the OKS where clients can receive notification about updates to topic maps.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.core.index Provides interfaces for the engine's index system; the API for Ontopia topic map indexes.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.db2tm The implementation of and public API to the DB2TM module for converting relational data (in CSV files or RDBMSs) to Topic Maps.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.entry High level interfaces for locating and maintaining references to topic maps.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.impl.basic The in-memory implementation of the core topic map interfaces.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.utils This package provides topic map utility classes, which are a toolkit for working with the topic map model provided by the core interfaces.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.utils.ctm Provides support for the ISO-standardized textual Compact Topic Maps syntax (or CTM) format for topic maps.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.utils.ltm This package provides support for the textual Linear Topic Map Notation (or LTM) format for topic maps.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.utils.rdf This package provides support for RDF (Resource Description Framework), a topic map-like data model for metadata defined by the W3C.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.xml Classes for importing and exporting topic maps in the XML interchange format.


Core Information Set Packages
net.ontopia.infoset.core Interfaces for working with information resources and locators that refer to information resources.
net.ontopia.infoset.impl.basic The in-memory implementation of the core information set interfaces.


Query Engine Packages
net.ontopia.topicmaps.query.core Contains the interfaces through which interaction with query processors, queries, and query results are done.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.query.spi Provides a set of service provider interfaces for adding new predicates to the tolog query language.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.query.utils This package provides query utility classes.


Schema Tools Packages
net.ontopia.topicmaps.schema.core The core interfaces that are common to all schema language implementations.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.schema.impl.osl The classes and interfaces used to represent constructs in the Ontopia Schema Language.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.schema.utils Contains classes containing useful utilities that make working with schemas easier.


Web Editor Packages
net.ontopia.topicmaps.webed.core The core interfaces of the Web Editor Framework; the main interfaces used to build Web Editor applications.
net.ontopia.topicmaps.webed.utils Utility classes for the Web Editor Framework; useful for writing Web Editor applications.


Navigator Framework Packages
net.ontopia.topicmaps.nav2.utils Provides utility classes for the Navigator Tag Libraries and Framework.


RDBMS Backend Connector Packages
net.ontopia.topicmaps.impl.rdbms Relational database implementation of the core topic map interfaces.


Other Packages
net.ontopia.utils Contains utility classes and generic interfaces.


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