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private  class CXTMTopicMapWriter.AbstractDatatypeAwareComparator<T>
          Enhances the CXTMTopicMapWriter.AbstractComparator with a method to compare the value and datatype of an occurrence or variant.
private  class CXTMTopicMapWriter.AssociationComparator
          Canonical sort order: 1.
private  class CXTMTopicMapWriter.NameComparator
          Canonical sort order: 1.
private  class CXTMTopicMapWriter.OccurrenceComparator
          Canonical sort order: 1.
private  class CXTMTopicMapWriter.RoleComparator
          Canonical sort order: 1.
private  class CXTMTopicMapWriter.RoleIgnoreParentComparator
          Role comparator which ignores the parent association.
private  class CXTMTopicMapWriter.VariantComparator
          Canonical sort order: 1.